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Jeremiah T. O'Shaughnessy April 09, 2014 at 07:42 AM
Look at this story about how Shenango Inc. on Neville Island will pay a $300K fine and agreed toRead Morespe nd a million $$ to better control air pollution. http://triblive.com/news/adminpage/5904612-74/pollution-agreement-plant#axzz2yO8HUvED
Jeremiah T. O'Shaughnessy February 20, 2014 at 07:06 AM
When I hear it, I always think there's a large male moose who's looking for his mate.
J.d. Hoffman February 21, 2014 at 02:58 AM
It's been part of Sewickley's history leave it stay. You don't like it just simply move.
George Olson March 04, 2014 at 01:50 PM
The "horn" is not nearly as intrusive as it used to be. Likewise, the church bells areRead Moremu ch diminished and train whistles less frequent. They are indeed part of our history and among the current features of Sewickley that contribute to the sense of Sewickley as a unique village where life happens.
Anne Tarr January 17, 2014 at 03:23 PM
"Let me begin by saying I am open to an extension of unemployment benefits that is paid forRead Moreand coupled with reforms." This sentence disturbs me, Congressman Rothfus. Let me explain why I find it so disturbing. It seems always that what needs to be reformed are the safety net programs that Americans, average working Joes and Sues, rely on to get them through tough financial times. Yet nowhere do we see anyone talking about reforming and re-regulating the banking industry that was allowed to run amok and caused the mess in the first place. While the CEOs of Chase, BoA, Wells Fargo, etc. continue to play fast and loose with their assets, and laugh all the way to the bank, we Joes and Sues are left holding the bag, AND expected to make do with less and less, while our elected representatives do little more than mouth pithy, empty, soundbites on the evening news, point their fingers at the other party, and bury their heads in the sand. WE, the Joes and Sues, are NOT the ones who caused the economic problems we now face. WE are not the ones who made the mess! Why are we expected to clean it up? That is just plain wrong! The people who created the mess are the ones who need to pay for cleaning it up! The only "welfare" that needs to be cut is the seemingly endless gravy train of corporate welfare. After 34 years, it should be patently obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain cell that "trickle-down economics," or whatever fancy tag they've hung on it these days, is NOT working! Oh, and another thing! The notion that the new EPA regulations are causing coal plants in Pennsylvania to close is patently absurd! If the coal plants were being good corporate neighbors all along, they would have been implementing the cleaner technologies bit by bit over the years, as they became available. Which, by the way, would have created far more jobs than the tax breaks they were given, since workers would have been required to manufacture, install and train the workforce in the new technologies. Instead of being responsible and showing care and concern for their communities by cleaning up their act little by little over the years, which wouldn't have caused them any undue financial hardship, they chose to make the quick buck, and continued to poison our air and water. Now that the EPA has been forced to step in, they want to whine and cry that they can't afford to clean up their plants and now they have to close. That's a crock! It's always cheaper to fix the leak in the roof than to wait for the roof to cave in before you act. If the coal companies had "fixed the leaks" as they went along, they wouldn't be facing such crushing costs to comply with the new regulations. Not to mention, the new regulations wouldn't be necessary, would they? I disagree with you on so many points, but I do agree with your assertion that it is time for the gridlock to end. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming the other side, it's time for BOTH parties to man up, accept that BOTH parties bear responsibility for this mess, and it's past time for BOTH parties to remember WHO sent them to Washington and why, and to find the political will to go after the ones who are truly bleeding this country dry!