Who is Ron Paul?

Who is Ron Paul and what is his vision for America? Read on to find out.

I'd love to live in a world where everyone at least knew who Ron Paul is and what he stands for. However, I know that isn't the case, so before I digress into details about this election, I'll give you the low-down on Dr. Paul's policies and his vision for America.

If you aren't yet familiar with Dr. Paul, please read on. I promise you'll like what you see. After all, Ron Paul stands for freedom and as he always says, "Freedom is popular."

On what platform is Ron Paul running?

While mainstream media pundits always refer to Ron Paul as being "out there," he is, in fact, running on one idea alone that really should come as no shock to Americans: FREEDOM. Freedom to do what we want, where we want, how we want, so long as we are not infringing on anyone else's personal liberties. 

The idea of freedom carries over into all of Ron Paul's beliefs, from foreign policy to monetary systems. Despite CNN and Fox News reporters telling you these ideas are crazy, outdated or simply unrealistic, they are the (great) ideas that our country was founded upon.

If you are ever unsure of where Dr. Paul stands on any issue, simply refer to the United States Constitution and you'll find the answer.

Is Ron Paul a doctor?

Before serving for 12 terms in Congress in Texas, Ron Paul ran his own practice as an OBGYN and delivered over 4,000 babies. When it comes to caring for people, Dr. Paul is as genuine as they come. Watch this video to see just how passionate he is about real people.

Does Ron Paul ever flip-flop on issues?

Unlike your typical career politician, Ron Paul is always honest and consistent. He has never once voted for a tax increase or Wall Street bailouts. He is known as the Champion of the Constitution because he obeys it by both word and deed. His goal is to protect you, the citizen, from the overbearing federal government.

Is Ron Paul really a conservative?

If you ask me, there is nothing more conservative than defending our Constitution and trying to preserve what is left of our country. When it comes to what our society refers to as "conservative" issues, such as abortion and same-sex marriage, Ron Paul stands out from all of the other candidates.

As a medical doctor and a Christian, Dr. Paul knows that life begins at conception. When a baby is conceived, he has his own right to life and liberty.

As far as what goes on in people's personal lives, Ron Paul says the government should stay out of it. Therefore, marriage, whether it's between a man and a woman, two men or two women is not the government's business. That's why Ron Paul should appeal to EVERYONE-- gay and straight alike.

According to Dr.Paul, no one should need permission from the government to live their lives the way they want to live them.

Recommended Ron Paul videos:

These videos, created by a local news station in Cincinnati, are short, simple and to the point. They will give you great insight into Dr. Paul's plans for America.


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Bill Walker January 27, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Our country is as broke as Greece and no one is even talking about it except Ron Paul.


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