Try massage to beat the cold!

Massage by our fireplace!
Massage by our fireplace!

Cold weather relief!

It's not a normal day when the temperatures dip so low. You are feeling stiff and achy, and you just can't muster the energy to keep your pace as the winter progress.

While it is common knowledge that cold weather brings colds, coughs and flu, it also brings aching muscles, bones and joints. What's the answer?

Ttreat yourself to a massage! Massage increases circulation which promotes body warmth, soothes achy muscles and bones, and boosts your spirits.

If you want to "get your mojo" back in the cold weather, try massage therapy. 

At Rejuvenate Sewickley, we offer massage services including traditional Swedish, Deep-Tissue and Hot Stone. We even offer on-table steam treatments for additional body warming. Call (412) 638-7265 for an appointment and drive the cold weather blues away! Book on-line at with Kari or Van at www.rejuvenatesewickley.com

I had the steam treatment at the end of a massage, it felt wonderful and my skin loved it. A bonus worth adding to a massage!


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