FISCAL CLIFF----What is this Cliff?

Fiscal Cliff


FISCAL CLIFF----What is this Cliff?

            What is this Fiscal Cliff?   I guess the Cliff is a financial crisis where the powers to be in Washington D.C. cannot agree on a financial plan for the United States; a budget for the country.  Since this financial plan cannot be agreed upon, then the United States is headed for:  Recession, Depression, No Money, No Credit, or just simply BROKE.   I guess the United States can join the Europeans and the fantastic EU---European Union---in regards to financial mishaps.

            Current conversations between the House of Representatives and the President seem to be stalled.  But the lackluster Republicans seem to be giving in to the President?  Remember the House controls money issues.  Then they, Republicans, wonder why R’s lose the presidential race. 

            What can be done to solve the money issue in the United States? 

            Whenever one decides on a budget for a business or even you household expenditures, normal financial route is to calculate your expenses vs. your income.   This is not what is done in government---I might add government at all levels.  Government sees you and me as an easy source of income, a.k.a. revenue---TAXES.   Why should government be concern about balancing the budget or at least try to keep expenses and income in check. 

            Suppose you and I ask the politician, financial wizards that they are, for loans to solve the governmental crisis; BUT better still how about these politicians work for free, with NO  staff, and with NO expense account.  Are they not supposed to serve the people??  What about downsizing government---does the United States really need all those agents and regulations?

            Personally, let the country go over the Fiscal Cliff.  Maybe the American people then will vote all of the politicians out of office, and the United States can start with new faces.  The good old boys and girls (equal rights) clubs might be eliminated.  Nay, you don’t think the American people really will do that; they may have to take some time out from going to the Malls?




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MSgt. John DeLallo December 16, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Anthony: While your post is a bit jaded, and jabs at the apathy and ignorance that exists with many folks, I'm actually hopeful that there is never a widespread understanding of our economy. If We the People ever get our arms around our tax and spend system, I fear a complete fiscal meltdown. And oh, by the way, when I call you "jaded", please take it as a compliment. I share your feelings.


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