Allegheny County Seeks Poll Workers to Help at Voting Sites

More than 7,000 poll volunteers countywide will be assisting with the Nov. 6 election.

With exactly two weeks until Election Day, the Allegheny County Division of Elections is looking for more poll workers to assist on what’s expected to be a larger-than-usual voter turnout day.

Edward Barnard, Allegheny County elections office coordinator, said there are locations scattered across Allegheny County that could use the additional help, including a couple of positions in McCandless, Ross and Richland townships.

“Those places are so big, they encompass so many districts,” Barnard said. “We always are looking for volunteers in those areas.”  

Poll workers are paid $105 for the day, plus $20 for taking a two-hour training class. Experience is not necessary. 

“Most of the time, the boards just need able hands," Barnard said. "People who want to work and are willing to follow the judge of elections’ orders, they’re good to have, especially in high-traffic elections like this one coming up.” 

Some municipalities that typically need additional assistance, such as Robinson Township, are staffed for the upcoming election. Sewickley is also staffed, Barnard said, adding that volunteers can still assist outside their voting districts if they are willing to travel, he said.

“If they’re wanting to work, we can usually find them a place to work,” he said.

More than 7,000 poll volunteers countywide will be helping with the election, and Barnard said it’s his job, with the help of two assistants, to coordinate poll workers. 

Volunteers have until Nov. 3 to take a training class. Classes will be held at various times leading up to the final days before the election. On Nov. 3, all-day classes will run at the Human Services Building in downtown Pittsburgh.

To volunteer or for more information, call Barnard at 412-350-4517.


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