Heritage Valley: 'Answer the Call' for Community Health Survey

Area households are being called upon at home to participate in the survey through early January.

If you are a resident of western Allegheny or Beaver counties, your household may be called on to help improve the health of the community.

Heritage Valley Health System is conducting a telephone survey to determine the health status and needs of residents.  

The calls began on Nov. 26 and will end in early January. The survey is being conducted as part of a Community Health Needs Assessment and is completely anonymous and confidential, according to Heritage Valley.    

Some 400 randomly selected households will be called at their home telephone number to participate in a health assessment survey.

Questions are designed to determine areas where western Allegheny and Beaver counties are healthier than other communities across the state and nation, and areas of opportunities for community health improvement.  

Participants may be asked about access to health care; health risk behaviors such as smoking, alcohol and drugs, exercise and physical activity habits; health conditions such diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or stroke; and awareness of hypertension and cholesterol. The call is expected to take about 15 minutes.  

“Obtaining information directly from residents ensures we have representation from the whole community and helps us pinpoint where to direct resources to improve community health and measure our existing efforts,” Dr. Daniel Brooks, vice president of community health services at Heritage Valley Health System, said in a news release. 

Holleran, a research firm located in Pennsylvania with 20 years of experience in conducting stakeholder research and community health assessments, is conducting the survey on behalf of Heritage Valley.

If you have caller ID, the number for Holleran may show up as a 717 area code. Heritage Valley asks that you please answer the call.   

If you are unavailable at the time of the call, multiple attempts will be made. Additionally, residents may schedule a more convenient time to take the survey or anyone in the area may call 1-800-218-6468 to participate.  

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