Election Day Brings a Last Gasp of Autumn Loveliness

Enjoy that blue sky and golden autumn light today, because November's bluster is coming to blow some winter our way. Forecasters say a change is coming, but there are other indications, too.

Enjoying the perfect weather? Soak it in now, because things are about to change, with cold rain moving into the area soon.

Forecasters are telling us that winter’s coming, but there are other, perhaps more subtle signs around us.

The trees are giving up the last of their leaves, and leaf removal crews are working hard to wrangle them from the lawns and sidewalks. The drill-y humming of leaf blowers makes the neighborhoods sound like a dentist’s office.

The jack o’lanterns that grinned so proudly are being kicked to the curb, their faces going soft and wrinkly. And that bag of ? By now it’s empty, with just a few stray Smarties or candy corn kernels lazing at the bottom.

Christmas decorations are another sure sign that snow is coming. The first wreaths are appearing in shop windows.

Kristi Draghi, of , spent a sunny Tuesday afternoon in shorts, walking her dog Kodiak through the sidewalks of . Although the Siberian Husky might be looking forward to colder days, Draghi isn’t as eager to see the warm autumn days go.

“When the men start clearing away the leaves, I know that winter’s on its way,” she said.


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