Mega Millions Lottery At $500 Million: What Would You Do With It?

What would you do if you won all that cash? Tell us in the comments.

If she hit the lottery, Jenine Persuit said she would pay off her bills and look out for her family. 

"I'd take everybody on a cruise," said Persuit of Ambridge. "With that much money, it'd be endless." 

Persuit was one of several customers who have flooded the in recent days looking to cash in on the record-setting Mega Millions jackpot. 

In case you haven’t heard, the Mega Millions jackpot is up to $500 million. That’s half a billion dollars or—as we like to call it—set for life dollars.

Owner Nick Sabol opened in late February, but said this week has been the busiest for the small lotto store. He said co-workers are pooling sums of money together and buying $20-$90 in tickets. 

"This is the best day we've had," he said Thursday. 

Although the odds of a Sewickley area resident hitting the lottery are probably something like one in a billion, that doesn’t stop people from dreaming.

Locals said they would do everything from giving charity donations to buying a new house. Most people agree they would pay off debts and travel to far exotic places. 

So what would you do if you won this giant, record-setting pile of cash. Take a swim in it ala Scrooge McDuck? Go on a cruise … or maybe buy the ?

Would you move to another state? Another country? Or would you stay put in Western Pennsylvania?

Of course, you'd give a lot away. What charities would get some big bucks?

Any vengeance plans, like buying the company you work for and firing the bosses?

What luxury items would be the first on your list?

Share your champagne wishes and caviar dreams in the comment section. If we get lots of good suggestions, we'll feature them in an article on Friday.

goldmth March 29, 2012 at 10:24 PM
I would buy a bigger house buy my mom one have all my kids set for life and once all that is done me and the wife will take us a long vacation to see other country that we never have seen just only on tv and will also get into investing so that I could use some of that money to make more money
Larissa Dudkiewicz March 30, 2012 at 02:21 PM
I can't get that song "If I had a million dollars" out of my head. We've received some great Facebook comments. Martin Pratt said he would buy a Buick and Jen Forsyth said she's trying to figure out how many new Coach and Louis Vuitton bags that would be. I really like Deb Cheplic's response: "I would help all of the independent musicians I know, who are having a rough time making a living these days."


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