Snow Blankets Sewickley Area, But It Falls a Day Late for Some

Heavy morning precipitation makes it a white day after Christmas.

Sewickley-area residents found themselves digging out of the snow on Wednesday.

Accumulation in the Sewickley Valley area fell short of the 4 to 8 inches predicted, but heavy midmorning precipitation left plenty of motorists wishing they’d stayed at home.

Meanwhile, others were celebrating a white day after Christmas.

“I love the snow,” said Sarah Elste, 16, of Sewickley, citing her enjoyment of skiing. “Snow’s my favorite, even if it did come a day late.”

She and fellow family members—sisters Lydia, 13, and Clare, 8, along with mother, Amy—ive a couple of blocks from Starbucks on Beaver Street.

“We were shoveling snow all day and thought we should walk down to get some hot chocolate,” Amy said as the group relaxed inside the store late Wednesday afternoon.

Starbucks had been a hot spot for warm beverages all day.

“If you’re asking if this is a place where people sought refuge, yes,” said Dan Kincaid, shift manger. “Considering how bad the weather was, they were pretty steady.”

Some of Sewickley’s downtown businesses closed early, but many remained open for customers seeking post-holiday specials from local merchants. Kristin Bordeau, co-owner of House 15143 on Beaver Street, said customers braved the weather throughout the day to browse at her shop.

“Some people just wanted to get out of the house,” said Bordeau, a Sewickley native who opened the store with Danielle Franks in 2011. Overall, they’ve met with a good reception.

“It’s been a strong season for our business,” Bordeau said. “We’ve been happy with people supporting us.”

Wednesday’s snow kept public works crews busy clearing streets around the area. No major accidents were reported.

“We’ve been fortunate so far with no major storm-related issues,” James Ersher, Sewickley police chief, said late Wednesday. “Our street department has been and will continue to stay out and are on top of things. Driving with care is, of course, recommended. Even if the roads are clear, icy conditions may remain.”

Thursday’s local forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of snow during the day and cloudy conditions at night, according to the National Weather Service.


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