Nearby: Zombies Return with ‘The Living Dead’ Museum in Evans City

The opening of the zombie museum and gift shop coincides with the Living Dead Festival being held in Evans City.

The Living Dead Museum will be located in a former clothing store along Main Street in Evans City.
The Living Dead Museum will be located in a former clothing store along Main Street in Evans City.

By Jessica Sinichak

Evans City was the site of George Romero’s 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead. Now, zombies will return to the borough—but not to eat brains or munch flesh.  

The Living Dead Museum and Giftshop is set to open in a former clothing store along Main Street in Evans City Friday, Aug. 30.

The opening coincides with The Living Dead Festival being held Aug. 30 and Aug. 31 in Evans City’s EDCO Park.

The museum is being operated by Kevin Kriess, founder of theMonroeville Zombies.

Monroeville Zombies used be at the Monroeville Mall, the main filming location for the Romero’s second zombie flick, Dawn of the Dead, but the museum lost its lease in April.  

The museum, which featured zombie-themed events and memorabilia, had been located at the mall since 2008. 

On an Indiegogo page to raise money for the new museum in Evans City, Kriess noted many of the plans for the space and other zombie social events never came to fruition because of mall management’s rules and regulations.

“Our goal was to celebrate Pittsburgh's role in this area and create a hub for tourists and fans who want to visit the original filming locations of these films,” Kriess wrote.

At the new space the Evans City, The Living Dead Museum will feature a zombie timeline of events, including statues, informational panels, props and photos. 

According to Steel Cinema, the new facility also will allow the business to offer more exhibits, film location tours, social events and a larger selection of collectibles and souvenirs.

As for the gift shop, it will feature zombie-themed T-shirts and other items for sale.

If you still have a craving for more flesh, The Living Dead Festival next weekend will feature celebrity guest signing sessions, including meet and greets with Night of the Living Dead actors Judith O’Dea and Russ Streiner.

There also will be a celebration at the iconic Evans City Cemetery chapel, where parts of the movie were filmed, and a screening of Night of the Living Dead.

To learn more about the festival, click here. 

Are you excited for the zombie museum and gift shop to open in Evans City? Tell us in the comment section below.


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