Five Questions with Penguin Bookshop's New Manager

Kate Weiss-Duncan recently sat down with Patch to discuss her love of books and the bookstore.

Pittsburgh native Kate Weiss-Duncan became the new manager of the  following the June 16 departure of previous manager Maryanne Eichorn.

At 26 years old, Weiss-Duncan's new title makes her the youngest independent bookstore manager in the Pittsburgh area.  She has a lot in mind for Sewickley's LEED-certified book store, which has 10 employees, and was looking forward to today's book signing event with . 

Patch had the opportunity to sit down with Weiss-Duncan to ask five (okay, six) questions. 

Patch: How does it feel to be one of the youngest book store managers around?

Weiss-Duncan: I'm the youngest independent bookstore manager in Pittsburgh, for sure. It's an amazing opportunity. I am excited about being in this position. 

Patch: How long have you been at the Penguin Bookshop?

Weiss-Duncan: Since September 2008. It was right after the remodel.

Patch: What is your favorite book or the last book you read?

Weiss-Duncan: In the last six months, "The Art of Fielding" by Chad Harbach. That's my favorite one that I've read recently. 

Patch: What's on the horizon for the bookshop? 

Weiss-Duncan: We're trying to focus on bringing authors to the Sewickley area. Steve Blass is coming tomorrow. I recently traveled to New York City to talk to different publishers to bring authors to Sewickley and it went really well. 

Patch: Any authors in particular?

Weiss-Duncan: To be announced.

Patch: What do you like most about Penguin Bookshop?

Weiss-Duncan: I love being around the books and talking about books with customers, hearing what people are reading and enjoying. I especially love seeing kids excited about books. It's very rewarding!

For more information about Penguin Bookshop or upcoming events, visit the store’s website at www.penguinbookshop.com



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