New Business Spotlight: The Kitchen Studio

Sewickley Patch talked to Sewickley's newest business owner, Linda Yeager. She's a NCDIQ Certified designer who's been sprucing up local homes for more than two decades.


The Kitchen Studio opened earlier this month at 516 Beaver Street in Sewickley. In this new business spotlight, Patch caught up with The Kitchen Studio's owner Linda Yeager.

Sewickley Patch: Tell us what The Kitchen Studio is all about.

Yeager: I'm a kitchen designer and I provide cabinetry and appliances for a remodel. I opened this store officially only three weeks ago but I've been in business in the area for about seven years. 

Sewickley Patch: Why did you choose Sewickley?

Yeager: I was already established in Sewickley before opening this shop. It's a perfect fit for me--the architecture and the design. This is where I like to be, with the old houses and the old architecture.  

Sewickley Patch: What kinds of services do you offer?

Yeager: I offer total kitchen design and manage it from beginning to end. I design the kitchen, provide the cabinetry and appliances, manage the lighting and even the mechanical. I do everything. Most people think I design it and pass it on to someone else, that's not the case. Everything from beginning to end, we do it all. 

Sewickley Patch: How does your business stand out from its competitors?

Yeager: The fact that I'm the person that manages the project from beginning to end makes me different. I'm there and I watch every step of the way. Also, every one one of my projects is so different. They are all so unique. 

Sewickley Patch: What do you want your business to be best known for?

Yeager: The quality of my product is what I'm best known for. I do higher end design with a custom cabinetry line. I'm into the quality. It's a good quality product that you don't find very many other places. The quality of the products is really outstanding. It's clearly above what people are used to. 

Sewickley Patch: Is there anything else you want to add?

Yeager: I'm really happy to be in Sewickley. This is a great place to work and I'm really glad to be here. 

To see a portfolio of work from The Kitchen Studio, click here


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