American Cancer Society Seeks Cancer Study Volunteers from Sewickley

Sewickley-area "champions" are needed to participate in a cancer prevention study called CPS-3.

The American Cancer Society is currently seeking volunteers from the Sewickley area to become “champions” who can help spread the word about a historic cancer research study. 

The study is called CPS-3 (Cancer Prevention Study-3) because it’s the third of the national cancer prevention studies.

Sharon Stalter, health initiatives representative, said the first, CPS-1, occurred in the 1950s and established the link between smoking and lung cancer, eventually leading to surgeon general warnings. CPS-2 examined the impact of environmental and lifestyle factors on cancer.

“Pretty much anything you hear about that prevents cancer is linked to this study,” Stalter said.

CPS-3 will help researchers better understand what factors cause cancer, and once discovered, how to better prevent it.  

At least 50 “champions” are needed from Sewickley to help spread the word and recruit at least 10 others to participate. The hope is to gather 1,000 volunteers from Sewickley and surrounding areas, Stalter said.

A kickoff for champions will take place in early April ahead of the local day of enrollment on May 22.

The Sewickley Valley YMCA has been designated as the local enrollment site, where those who choose to participate will go to sign a consent form, complete a brief survey, have their waist circumference measured and give a small blood sample. The process is estimated to take up to 30 minutes, Stalter said.

Stalter said enrolling in the study offers a unique opportunity for individuals who want to see an end to cancer. 

"The incentive is that you're going to be helping future generations," she said. "This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for people to be involved."

The study is open to men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 years who have no personal history of cancer.

Cancer survivors, healthcare providers, caregivers to a cancer patient or those interested in honoring a friend or loved one who has battled cancer may serve as CPS-3 champions.  Champions will receive information they need to help educate and recruit community members to enroll in the research study.  

If you'd like to become involved either by being a community champion, enrolling yourself, or volunteering the day of enrollment, contact Sharon Stalter from the American Cancer Society at 412-919-1045 or sharon.stalter@cancer.org  


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patcher February 26, 2013 at 02:35 PM
You must be 30-65 for this study!
Larissa Dudkiewicz February 26, 2013 at 02:46 PM
That's right. Anyone can participate as a champion to help recruit, but the study is only open to people ages 30 to 65 years who have no personal history of cancer. The story has been updated.


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