In Wake of Connecticut School Shooting, What are Quaker Valley's Emergency Procedures?

When Quaker Valley has an emergency, the district first utilizes AlertNow, a parent notification system, programmed to call the primary phone number listed for each child. Local police are also trained to respond to a school crisis.

In the wake of the shocking shooting at a Newtown, CT, elementary school on Friday, Dec. 14, officials reunited parents with their children.

They had help from a reverse 911 call that automatically went out to parents of the public school students to notify them about the shooting.

The Quaker Valley School District has a similar system called AlertNOW. Information about the system is available on the district website.

Emergency Information (AlertNow)

When Quaker Valley has a closing or delay, the district first utilizes AlertNow, a parent notification system, which is programmed to call the primary phone number as listed for each child.

In an emergency situation, or in the event that the district goes from a two-hour delay to a closure, the district’s automated calling system is used in the event of emergencies and/or cancellations so the information reaches all those affected by the emergency or change in status. The system uses contact information provided to PowerSchool.

AlertNow information is collected or updated at the beginning of every school year, and parents are encouraged to call the school office throughout the year to provide contact information updates when necessary.

QV eLink

The district also regularly sends news and information via an email news service. Subscribe or update your email address and preferences by selecting “QV eLink Sign-up” on the district’s website under quicklinks. Individuals may subscribe multiple email addresses.

Working with Police

Sewickley Police Chief James Ersher said police departments in the Quaker Valley School District underwent active shooter training several months ago utlitizing Osborne Elementary as the training ground.

Sewickley would typically respond to calls dispatched within the borough's jurisdiction, including Osborne, Quaker Valley Middle School, St. James School and Montessori Children's Community. But Ersher said in a crisis situation, all departments would be involved.

"In a major incident like this all of the departments are going to respond," he said.

Share Your Thoughts

How are you handling all of this with your children? Earlier this week, before the shooting, the Butler School District voted to put retired, armed state troopers in the schools. Would that make you feel safer, as a parent? Share you thoughts on all of this in the comments box below.


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