Sewage Backup Leaves Leetsdale Family in a Lurch

The homeowner said insurance won't cover the damage.

Susan and Michael Falcone were caught by surprise a few weeks ago to find raw sewage backing up into the basement at their Winding Road home following a  water main break.

But it was the notice the residents later received from Leetsdale’s insurance company that had Susan Falcone asking questions Thursday night.

The notice said the borough has no liability in the matter under the Pennsylvania Municipal Tort Claims Act.

Susan Falcone said she feels otherwise, and told council she believes the borough is responsible.

Falcone said the Jan. 30 backup was caused by a manhole buried in her neighbor’s yard. She said the street department told her they didn’t know about the manhole, though she found it clearly marked on the borough map.

“For 20 years they didn’t clean it,” she said.

Falcone said a blockage caused the sewage to back up into her home, ruining the carpet, a television and other items in the family room.

A cleanup company and two plumbers later, she said her homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the cost and neither will the borough's insurance.

Leetsdale Council went into an executive session Thursday night to discuss the issue.

Solicitor Kate Diersen said the borough would contact their insurance company and provide the Falcone’s an answer on the matter by next month’s meeting.


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Jaun February 15, 2013 at 07:29 PM
John Linko February 15, 2013 at 11:37 PM
It sounds as if the little guy sweat the details and found evidence that the borough, though technically not liable, was likely negligent. Hopefully common sense will prevail here. Nice work by the Falcones.


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