An Early Farewell to Bailey & Bailey

Open since 1995, the store selling the newest trends in upscale designer collections plans to close.

While I have never had the disposable income to shop regularly at Sewickley’s women’s clothing boutique, , I have visited the store countless times over the years. 

Whether I’m simply browsing, rummaging through the sale rack or shopping for a special occasion, it’s rare to leave the shop without coveting several clothing items.

Because Pittsburgh has often been behind the curve when it comes to high-end fashion, it’s a treat to be able to at least look at beautiful clothes, even when I can’t necessarily afford them. 

Bailey & Bailey owners Holly Miller and Elsa Cabiya have giving shoppers access to designer brands that no other Pittsburgh stores sell, and they've kept customers coming back for 20 years.

Over the years, fashion-forward Pittsburghers have flocked to Bailey & Bailey, knowing it to be one of the city’s havens for chic duds. Now the owners say they plan to retire and the store is closing next month. That means we are losing one of the area’s as well as a beautiful storefront in .

Not only will Pittsburgh at large miss this boutique, but so will Sewickley, as it has been one of the town's most successful stores.  

Even if you’re just passing by, Bailey & Bailey’s window display always stands out, with splashes of bright colors, bold patterns or some other combination of “must-have” wardrobe items.

Every time I’ve had an out-of-town visitor, I’ve taken her to Bailey & Bailey to show her that Sewickley is on the cusp of couture — well, OK, not exactly, but the boutique does always impress them. 

I can’t quite envision what Sewickley will be like without Bailey & Bailey, but I do know that there aren’t currently any stores that sell similar merchandise, nor do I imagine that there will be one opening anytime soon. 

Although there are other trendy clothing boutiques in Pittsburgh, they aren’t located around the corner and don’t offer the same benefits of shopping at Bailey & Bailey.

For instance, where else can a high school girl buy a dress and rest assured knowing that the store employees won’t sell it to anyone else attending the same dance?

Also, I can’t imagine another boutique would allow customers to take clothing items home to try on before purchasing them.

This level of customer service is unparalleled and unfortunately is becoming a thing of the past. It is one of the things that kept this business thriving for so many years.

With just a month and a half left until its final closing Sept. 30, is selling the last of its summer collection, as well as fall items.

If you’ve been looking for excuses to shop, this is a good one. Pay the store at least one last visit before it’s gone and buy a parting souvenir while you’re there. After all, you don’t want the remaining clothes to go to waste, do you?

bnhasak August 24, 2011 at 05:49 PM
I also will miss Bailey and Bailey! I too rarely was able to afford to purchase many of the things I coveted. Since it opened I would save up and splurge on occasion. I still have my first purchase/splurge item, the woven bag I bought one summer in high school (nearly 17 years ago now) with my piggy bank money. Best wishes to the owners and thank you for being so funky and chic all these years. It was my first non-Preppy option here in Sewickley and I really appreciated that taste of chic bohemian influenced style as an impressionable teen and still today.


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