Moms Talk: Child Custody and Charlie Sheen

Custody dispute raises questions about what's best for the kids.

Anyone with a working television or Internet access could not escape the train wreck that has been Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized meltdown over these last few days.

After being busted on a drug binge surrounded by women of questionable repute, he did televised interview after interview saying he's been "winning," and that his -- not one but two -- live-in girlfriends are "goddesses."

The whole sordid ordeal seemed not to have hurt the actor until his two young sons were removed from his custody. 

Adding to this bothersome equation is Sheen’s history of violence against women.

In 1996, Sheen stood trial for an assault on former girlfriend Brittney Ashland. In 2006, during his divorce from second wife Denise Richards, she claimed that Sheen was verbally and physically abusive, and she obtained a restraining order after she said he threatened her life.

His estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, also has had a share of domestic disputes with the actor. His recent behavior prompted Mueller to not only have the children removed from Sheen’s custody, but to also obtain a restraining order.

Clearly, Sheen has problems and had demonstrated behavior that makes a decision to have the children removed from his custody seem reasonable. But what about the future? These are, in fact, his biological children.

The jury is still out on what, if any, access he will have to the kids. Right now, they are too young to understand why they don’t see their father regularly. But it is entirely possible that he will follow instructions from the judge at his next custody hearing and be reunited with his sons.

Looking at Sheen's case and other high-profile child custody battles, do the courts always do what’s best for the children? 

Nia Stanley March 10, 2011 at 02:33 PM
This is definately a tricky situation. It does seem like both parents of these young children have issues that need addressed. If I were his current wife, I would make sure I could provide a loving, safe, stable environment for the kids. I would also encourage Charlie to get well, because he is their dad. If he refused to, then I would do everything I could to protect them from him.
Livingthesheen March 10, 2011 at 02:42 PM
Look just because the guy is doing things differently doesn't mean hes an unfit father, the guy is a genius right now, saying exactly what he should. See all Charlie Sheen’s winning quotes at www.livingthesheen.com
The Family Law Directory March 11, 2011 at 03:36 AM
Sheen seems more than capable of being a parent to his children. But he needs to work out what his priorities are. Does he want to be a parent or a 'celebrity bad boy'. I'd suggest the two are incompatible. His carry on through the media recently - whilst entertaining - has created evidence that will likely be used by Mueller against him and would seriously compromise arguments before a Family Court. He's presently sabotaging - not only his life - but his ability to regain custody of his children. If he's serious about being parent - I'd suggest he needs to eliminate the chaos in his household and get rid of all the 'spongers' that seem to be surrounding him. The 'Goddesses' would need to go. None of these people have Sheen's children's best interests at heart. If they did, they wouldn't be there - enabling and facilitating the situation. In the process of removing all these people, the issue of drugs will become less of a problem. http://www.thefamilylawdirectory.com.au
The Family Law Directory March 11, 2011 at 03:38 AM
The view of a person profiting from the situation?
Nia Stanley March 11, 2011 at 01:32 PM
Good points, Family Law Directory! He is doing and saying things to damage his reputation-as seen in being fired from his job, and you're right on in that this evidence can be used against him in family court. Aside from his father who has been instrumental in getting him into rehab before, no one seems to really be enouraging him to get help. And yes, the 'goddesses' seem completely useless and are enablers.


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