QV High School Traffic Study is a Waste of Time and Money

Leetsdale resident John Kroeck explains why he doesn't believe the high school has a safety problem on Beaver Street.

I have witnessed the loading and unloading of students for 30 years, including the daily turnarounds in my driveway, without incident.

Statistics don’t lie. For 87 years, twice a day, every day, students have been dropped off and picked up by parents without a single accident. This crossing at Beaver Street during rush hour may be the safest place on the planet. Statistics and logical thinking prove it extremely unlikely that there will ever be an accident. We have congestion. This does not mean that we have a safety problem.

Congestion slows down traffic and makes it less likely that accidents will occur. You refer to the congestion situation as a safety problem, as justification for a rash plan to acquire property and destroy a neighborhood.

I attended the traffic study meeting with Dr. (Joseph) Marrone and other members of the Leetsdale neighborhood affected by your process. I observed that the company hired has performed similar work for the school board in the past. It was my conclusion that the person to be hired to perform the study was far from neutral regarding the proposed plan.  At least four times during the meeting, he referred to your plan as the solution. He stated that the congestion problem I a safety problem. He is not a neutral party. You will pay him and he will be in your pocket. He will support what you have already determined to be the solution. This traffic study is a waste of time and money since it will be performed by your hired “expert,” not a neutral party.

The Community will continue to propose logical alternatives that do not include destruction of a neighborhood, alternatives which you should have considered prior to buying property.

The Community is upset with your process. It now views you as predators. You have crept up on the neighborhood to take and destroy what is not yours—and you are doing it with our tax money.


John Kroeck

Jerilyn Scott May 23, 2012 at 02:22 PM
I agree that when drop-off is permitted along Beaver Road, there is not a safety problem that caution and common sense cannot overcome. The problem comes when the police try to prevent drop-off on Beaver, and drivers scramble to get around their restrictions. While an on-campus drop-off circle would be lovely, allowing drivers to pull over on Beaver would be a perfectly adequate short-term solution and a vast improvement over the current restrictions.
Diana Netzer May 25, 2012 at 06:21 PM
I agree wholeheartedly. Also believe a drop off by the athletic field and student walk up would have the added benefit of some healthy exercise in the fresh air. Some of us believe that the School Officials must have an dream world wish list and are hyperventilating at the mere thought that additional taxes, in spite of expense and hardship to many residents, will allow them unlimited access and actions using money intrusted to them by the electorate. This attitude is fiscally irresponsible. I would like to show my support by obtaining two of the signs which are currently on display on several lawns throughout Sewickley. One sign will be for a friend who is currently out of town but has asked me , if possible, to obtain a sign for their household also. Any information on how to obtain signs will be apprecialted. It is long past the time to demand fiscal responsibility. Thank you Diana Netzer
Sewickley Son May 27, 2012 at 03:21 AM
I would like to know why we hired a police officer to monitor our schools, yet nothing has been said about that. Post him at 7;00am to control traffic, He has the authority to ticket people. Even if you put in a drop off, how may people are even going to take that in to consideration. Do you really think on there way to work they are going to take the time to drop off their kids, and then drive out to the northbound exit. It is a bandaid fix. Use the resource officer you are paying 50,000-60,000 dollars a year to start making parents accountable.
John Linko May 27, 2012 at 03:45 PM
@Sewickley Son, I'm not sure that the School Resource Officer at QVHS is a sworn law enforcement officer with the authority to write traffic citations. I believe he is an employee of the School District, not the Leetsdale Police. Parking tickets on campus are a lot different from moving violations on the public roadway, which is technically off campus and therefore outside his scope of authority. If the SRO were an actual Leetsdale officer, with arrest powers and the ability to take action off campus, perhaps that would be an improvement for the safety of the general community as well as the high school. Perhaps an agreement between QVSD and Leetsdale Borough to jointly fund the SRO position would go a long way toward achieving the stated goals of both governmental entities, as well as provide some much-needed cooperative spirit.
Andy Plese May 29, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Why can't all of these kids just ride the bus to school? Call me crazy but it makes no sense to spend tax dollars on a drop off zone when parents could just put their kids on the school bus that already costs tax dollars to supply.


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