Where Should Cranberry's Culinary Bear Dine Next?

The bear already has been spotted at Buffalo Wild Wings and Burger King. Should it stop in for a bite in Sewickley as well?

When it comes to choosing between burgers and wings, the bear spotted in Cranberry prefers both.

The 200-pound black bear made local news headlines after climbing a tree outside Buffalo Wild Wings along Route 19 in Cranberry Thursday evening and staying there for close to two hours.

Perhaps attracted by the scent of frying food, the bear later ambled across the highway (taking care to look both ways first) to Burger King before disappearing into the woods near Interstate 79. Maybe he wanted fries with that?

Now, there are plenty of restaurants located along Route 228 near Interstate 79. Just for fun, which restaurant do you think the hungry bear should visit next?

Maybe he could scoop up some global cuisine at the new Noodles & Company? Or perhaps he’d prefer the farm-to-table fare at Restaurant Echo? Or should he keep on walking south to Sewickley to try the specials at the Sweetwater Grille or the Sharp Edge?

We’re sure garbage cans full of leftovers also are attractive to a hungry bear, so— unless you feel like entertaining a furry guest—be sure to keep a tight lid on them.

Tell us, if you were the Cranberry Bear, which local dining establishment would you visit next? Is there something that sounds “beary” good? Take our poll or leave your thoughts in the comment section below! 


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