Sandusky Receives His Just Deserts

A particularly despicable and loathsome serial child rapist is sent away, one can hope, forever.

Although it is unfortunate that he felt the need to open his big mouth on the eve of his sentencing for horrific crimes and the media to report the statement, it is gratifying to note the dispensing of a 30 to 60 year sentence to disgraced former Penn State Football coach Jerry Sandusky, a term which should ensure that he does not ever again see the light of day unless some future bumbling and misguided governor would see fit to issue him a pardon. 

Defiant, yet cheerful and obviously unaffected by the gravity of his crimes to the end, Sandusky may find that he has little be to be jovial about as the reality of spending his remaining days in prison sinks in.

It is interesting to note Sandusky's desire to be housed among the general prison population. If this request is granted, he should understand that he bears some risk and that his safety cannot be assured. I suspect that the code of honor among prisoners would not enable a serial child rapist to be looked upon with favor or deference.  

Let us recall that Sandusky's crimes were not limited to the molestation of minor boys, grave though such atrocities are, but that he selected them carefully and with cunning, choosing those that were the most vulnerable and needy, knowing that any accusations that they made would not likely hold up against an exalted football coach in a region in which for many, the sport had been, and perhaps continues to be, the most important facet of life.   

It would defy logic to believe that Sandusky acted alone, that he was not aided and abetted by those who knew of, or suspected what he was doing, but who chose to allow him to continue, taking no action which would serve to bring him to justice.  Upon trial and conviction, any enablers who are found not only to have been immoral, but to have committed crimes, must be sentenced to years in prison and if applicable, they should forfeit any lavish public pension to which they would otherwise be entitled. It would be too much to expect that Sandusky will now have the decency to remain silent, as he refuses to get it, but at least his protestations of innocence, one can expect, shall be made from behind bars for the remainder of his natural life.

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MSgt. John DeLallo October 09, 2012 at 10:46 PM
Sandusky is about to enter a real life version of Groundhog Day. 23 hours a day in a cell, 1 hour in the yard to shake the kinks out of his legs. His arrogance today in court, insisting this is all some vast conspiracy, his lack of remorse, and his wish to be in general population must have been a shot at one last insanity defense. If he finds himself in the general population, in the words of the great actor Victor McLaughlin in The Quiet Man, "He'll regret it till his dyin' day; if he lives that long."


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