Aleppo Man Charged with Passing Counterfeit Money at Kmart

It is "highly likely" that the man has manufactured fake cash, according to law enforcement.

An Aleppo Township man has been charged with purchasing a laptop with counterfeit money in Moon Township, then attempting to return the device to a local store for cash. 

Craig Anthony Moore, 28, of Rhodes Avenue, was arrested Feb. 19 at the Super Kmart on Market Place Boulevard, after store employees contacted police and said a man who purchased a laptop with counterfeit money was attempting to return it in exchange for money.

Moore is believed to have bought the Acer laptop, valued at $350, on an earlier date at the Kmart location off Beaver Grade Road, according to police. 

Moon Township police have charged Moore with theft by deception, receiving stolen property, forgery and driving with a suspended license. 

A Secret Service investigation is ongoing as to whether the man is manufacturing counterfeit money, according to a criminal complaint. 

Moore was charged last year with stealing a parked car in Aleppo and taking items from numerous vehicles in Moon and Aleppo residential plans.

A preliminary hearing on the latest charges is scheduled for Feb. 26. 


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