Police Warn Residents to Keep an Eye on Package Deliveries This Christmas

Holiday deliveries made when no one is home offer easy pickings for thieves, according to safety officials.

Here's a warning for residents this Christmas—make sure you have a plan in place for package deliveries if you’re not at home.

Items dropped off in front of people’s homes while the owners are at work are vulnerable to thieves, particularly during the holiday season when presents are being delivered to homes, according to Cranberry Sgt. Chuck Mascellino.

While Sewickley police have not reported any such thefts, Cranberry police said a resident on Wednesday had a package stolen from the stoop of her home.

To help keep your deliveries safe (you wouldn’t want to disappoint someone on Christmas Day now, would you?) Here are some tips from police.

  • Ask for deliveries that require a recipient signature
  • Select an online tracking option so you’ll know when your packages arrive
  • Request side or back door deliveries
  • Have items delivered to a trusted neighbor who will be home during the day
  • Arrange for packages to be delivered to you at work.

While you’re at it, be sure to conceal any valuables you leave in your car that can be seen from outside. Those also are temptation for break-ins, according to safety officials.

Have you run into any troubles with your deliveries? Do you have safety tips you'd like to share with readers? Tell us in the comment section below!

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