Around the Rivers: RMU Student Sexually Assaulted Outside a Business

Police said a woman reported being sexually assaulted behind the Smoke Stack.

said a 22-year-old female student was sexually assaulted Thursday outside the Smoke Stack on University Boulevard. 

Police said the woman was attacked between 6:30 and 7 p.m. as she returned to her car, which was parked behind the building on Carnot Road.

The woman told police that as she returned to her vehicle, a male grabbed her from the back and placed a weapon, possibly a box-cutter knife, to her neck. 

The suspect was attempting to sexually assault the woman as she broke free, according to police. The woman was injured in the struggle, receiving a gash in her leg as well as bruises and abrasions. She has been treated and released from , police said.

Smoke Stack owner Justin Egal said Moon Police contacted him Friday morning about the incident. He said store employees have been interviewed by police. 

The victim did not return to the store following the assault, he said. 

"It's news to us," Egal said. "Police just came in this morning and told us about it. We don't know much about it." 

Egal said he encourages customers to park in the front of the store, where there is overhead lighting. 

The rear parking lot of the building faces an vacant store front. Two single-family homes on the street are rented by RMU students, Egal said. Several other small office buildings are located near the Smoke Stack; Egal said he believes the offices would have been closed at the time of the alleged attack. 

The suspect is described as a white male with a dark complexion. He wore a dark-colored hoodie and dark baseball hat with the letter "P" on it.

Police ask anyone who was in the area or has further information to contact them at 412-262-5000 or through the anonymous tip line at 412-264-5205.


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