Back to School: Quaker Valley Reminds Parents to Obey Traffic Laws

The district and police offer several options to drop off high school students.

officials recently met with Leetsdale Mayor Pete Poninsky and Police Chief James Santucci regarding .

“We are fortunate to be able to partner with our local police department,” Superintendent Joseph Clapper said in a news release. “We value their input and appreciate their efforts to keep our Quaker Valley students and greater community safe.”

Poninsky told concerned residents in a townhall meeting last week that drivers who disobey traffic laws outside the high school will be warned, then ticketed.

Santucci reiterated the same message to school officials that traffic laws and posted signs will be strictly enforced in the area surrounding .

Motorists will receive a warning during the first week, but will be ticketed beginning the second week of school. Tickets will be that will include court costs.


Be aware

  • There is no stopping along Beaver Street in front of the school.
  • The 15 mph school zone will be strictly enforced.
  • During arrival and dismissal times only school buses are permitted to enter the high school campus from the driveway on Beaver Street.
  • There is no parking along the fire lane before, during or after the school day, including the driveway along the back of the high school where the curb is painted red.

Families can continue to use the lower parking lot beside the stadium. Cars enter and exit the lot via Route 65/Ohio River Boulevard.

For those who travel Beaver Street, Santucci offers the following recommendations:

  • Motorists may turn onto Winding Road and proceed down Valley Lane. Students can safely exit vehicles at the stop sign and use the crosswalk to the front of the school.
  • The , located near the corner of Ferry and Beaver streets, may be used as a student drop-off. Please note that this is a drop-off area only and should not be used for student, parent or staff parking.

During non-school hours only, event parking is permitted on Beaver Street between the driveways, directly in front of the school only. As a reminder, federal law prohibits smoking on school property – including outdoor fields and stadiums.

Santucci indicated that there will be a police presence during student drop-off and pick-up times at the high school throughout the entire school year.

Information was provided by a Quaker Valley School District press release. 


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