How Many Drinks Will Get You A DUI? (Chart)

If you insist on driving after a few drinks, here's what you should know about how alcohol affects your system and your criminal record.

Do you know how many drinks you can have before you're in danger of getting charged with driving under the influence? 

This year in our area numerous people have been pulled over while driving drunk. On this day of celebration, Patch wants you to know when enough is enough.

When police pull drivers over for suspected drunken driving, officers ask them to perform field sobriety tests and to take a breath test to measure Blood Alcohol Content.

A BAC test measures the percentage of alcohol present in a person's bloodstream. Pennsylvania's legal limit is 0.08 percent.

According to the Virginia Tech Alcohol Abuse Prevention website, every 40 minutes, 0.01 percent of alcohol leaves your system. 

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Roger December 25, 2012 at 03:22 PM
I'm sure every drunk, and other irresponsible persons, will make a copy of this, to be taken to their favorite watering hole. "...let's see, ... I've had 5 beers, ... chart says I can have three more, and still be good to go ..." The only open question: Will everybody in the same watering hole have their own chart, or will they have to share because some folks just plain forgot to bring their own? Oh, the strong weapons we have against drunken driving, and the aggressive steps we take to minimize (eliminate?) the 28 deaths every day because of DUI! Thanks for posting the chart.


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