Leetsdale Police: Report of Man with Gun in Grocery Store is False Report

Edgeworth and Leetsdale police get a call about a man with a gun in the Leetsdale Giant Eagle. The report turns out to be false.

A report of a man with a gun at a Leetsdale supermarket, just days after the Connecticut elementary school shooting, turned out to be a big misunderstanding Monday afternoon, according to local investigators.

Leetsdale Police Cpl. Michael Slawianowski said 911 dispatchers first alerted the department at 12:30 p.m. to a report of a man with a gun inside the Giant Eagle at the Quaker Valley shopping plaza. 

“It ended up being nothing,” Slawianowski said.

Police said a McCandless EMS dispatcher thought she heard a radio report about a man walking on Route 65 with a gun. She called to report the matter to Sewickley Academy, where a relative attends. Sewickley Academy in turn called Edgeworth police, who then notified 911 dispatch.

Slawianowski said dispatchers didn't have a description of the man, only that the person was walking around Giant Eagle with a gun. Police went to the grocery store, did a sweep and spoke with the manager.

“Everything was fine there,” Slawianowski said.

Slawianowksi said this incident should serve as a reminder to the public to call 911 for emergency situations. He said police are trained to handle these types of scenarios. 

“If you think there’s an emergency, call 911 and relay all the details to the dispatcher so they can get us there, rather than calling three or four different sources,” he said.


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