Sewickley Police Respond to Running Water Complaint at Vacant House

Police responded to the following recent incidents. Each incident reflects police records and is not an indication of guilt.

Sewickley police were dispatched Sunday to a Dickson Road residence after a neighbor reported running water in the basement exiting through a drain.

A Sewickley Water Authority employee arrived to the 900 block and discovered that somebody had ripped off the water meter to the house and water was flowing through the line. The employee found the water main to the house and shut off the water, police said.

Police said officers learned the previous resident and owner, Sandy Cook, had been evicted due to sheriff's sale and that various items were damaged at the house, including numerous shattered windows and a ripped-out electrical meter.

On Wednesday afternoon, Cook called police to complain that the water meter had been stolen from her house and that she received a $700 water bill. She told police she hasn’t lived there for an estimated three weeks and didn't report the meter stolen because she heard the house was being watched. She was told to contact the water authority.  

Sewickley police also responded to the following:

Patient walks

Police were dispatched Wednesday to the area between the Heritage Valley Sewickley hospital and Bank Street for a report of a highly intoxicated male who left the hospital with an IV still in his arm. Police said they located the patient who agreed to a ride back to the hospital to have the IV removed.

Crash reported

Police responded shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday to the 300 block of Route 65 for a report of a two-vehicle accident.

Police said no one was injured in the crash. The collision occurred as a car owned by James Bedalota of Ambridge collided with a car driven by Patrick Colletti of Sewickley as Colletti crossed Route 65 onto Walnut Street.

Medical transport

Police were called Monday to Bank Street for a patient who felt like he was going to die after drinking 2 pints of vodka. The man was transported to Heritage Valley Sewickley hospital.


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