Registered Sex Offenders: A Map of Homes in the Sewickley Area

There are two registered sex offenders listed as living in the Sewickley zip code, according to the Pennsylvania Megan's Law website.

Map information from the  Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law website.

Patch wants to help Sewickley area parents keep their kids safe this Halloween.

As your little ones and not-so-little-ones prepare to go door to door for trick-or-treating this Halloween, Patch offers a map of our community's registered sex offenders whose residential addresses are listed on the Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law website.

The Megan's Law website provides information only for the individuals currently registered with the Pennsylvania State Police as sexual offenders. State police say the website does not list information for every individual ever arrested or convicted of a sex-related offense.

According to the website, state police verify and update it regularly to ensure it is complete and correct. They caution, however, that they cannot guarantee the information is as accurate as possible,or that it includes the current residence, status, or other information regarding every offender.

Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

A search of the website shows 2 registered sex offenders reside in the Sewickley zip code, according to the Pennsylvania Megan's Law website. 

How the Map Works

The map is interactive, meaning you can zoom in, zoom out, or move it around to see all the plotted points.

Clicking the blue balloon will give you the address listed on the website. More information about specific charges for each offender is found on the Megan’s Law website.


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John Linko October 25, 2012 at 12:43 PM
Further examination of the state database revealed the following - 1. For the offender listed at 400 Ohio River Blvd (an apartment complex), the record listed an incorrect zip code. As a result, the offender's record did not display on a search by zip code, only when searching by municipality. Nice catch, though.. 2. The second offender record at 26 South Ave (in Haysville Borough) shows the offender listed as residing in Sewickley Borough, which is incorrect. 3. Searching the database by individual municipality, no additional offenders were listed as residing in any of the 11 municipalities that make up the Quaker Valley School District. One offender was listed in Aleppo Township - the address listed is not a valid Aleppo address, however. It seems that the database doesn't seem to be coordinated with any addressing system that would weed out or prevent data entry or other errors such as those indicated above. Given these inconsistencies and the dynamic nature of how people move around (and may or may not report their locations accurately as required by law), the information provided by the Megan's Law website should probably be taken with a large grain of salt. One last thing - a search of the other zip codes in the Quaker Valley School District - Leetsdale, 15056 and Ambridge, 15003, which covers parts of Leet Township and Bell Acres - showed no offenders listed as residing at addresses which could be in any of these three municipalities.


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