Update: Sewickley Scam Suspect a No Show in Court

A Beaver County woman accused of scamming Sewickley businesses failed to appear for a court hearing Tuesday. She is facing additional charges in a separate case, again accused of fraudulently requesting a refund.

An Aliquippa woman accused of swindling Sewickley businesses out of cash was recently charged with fraud again after she tricked Robinson Township hotel employees into issuing her a cash refund on a hotel room, according to reports. 

Sharon Lepore, 40, was scheduled to appear in court today, but didn't show up for a hearing in Leetsdale District Court. She is accused of scamming three Sewickley businesses to get fast money. In each case, Sewickley police said Lepore took an item off a store shelf, pretended she was overcharged for it and demanded a refund without producing a receipt.

She is charged with three counts each of theft and receiving stolen property, two counts of criminal attempt and one count of conspiracy.

Accused accomplice Richard Sweger, 40, of Aliquippa also failed to report for court. He is charged by Sewickley police with criminal conspiracy and criminal attempt. 

Robinson Township Police have also charged Lepore after police said she walked into the Holiday Inn Express on Campbell's Run Road at midnight on Sept. 23 and requested a $99 refund for a May overnight stay in the hotel. 

The hotel's clerk issued Lepore the cash, only to discover a day later that the hotel has no record of her staying in the hotel, police said in a complaint.

Police said Lepore provided the hotel staffer with a false address and phone number. 

She has been charged with theft by deception and receiving stolen property.

Lepore was also charged earlier this year with attempting to dupe employees at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Courtyard by Marriott in Moon Township out of cash refunds. In both incidents, neither hotel had a record of Lepore staying as a guest. 

A preliminary hearing has been set for Oct. 30 in Robinson District Court. 

A warrant for Lepore and Sweger has been issued for their arrests in the Sewickley cases. 


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Larissa Dudkiewicz October 03, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Thanks, I'm working on it.
hepen October 03, 2012 at 08:51 PM
For anyone that has a Facebook account she has a page and her photo is there. It is not restricted, I do not know her and I was able to see the photo. There is also a photo of a Sharon Lepore that comes up for a Washington County Mugshot web page. Google the name and you will see the URL. All of this is public record on the internet.
candy November 09, 2012 at 03:55 AM
it just so happens to be i know this women and she has a drug problem. don't worry she is in jail right now but i'm sure she will be posting bail to get out. her bf Richard just got fired from his job. they steal cars also. they are both low life's. yes you are right that is her with blonde hair on Facebook. Sad thing is she has a kid and she never gets to see him.
annoymous December 21, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Hey Candy or whoever wrote the the last comment.....Please don't write things if you do not know the real facts! EVERYBODY does things that they are not proud of so don't throw stones at glass houses! Sharon is a good person, but yes the drugs did consume her and she did things that were wrong. There are people out there that do a lot worse than trying to get a refund. Some people actually go to depts as selling their bodies for money which is a lot worse. If the stores did their jobs and followed their own policies this would never have happened. Blame the stores and employees for not doing their jobs!!!! Sharon and Rich NEVER once stole a car and Rich in fact did not get fired from his job. And as far as Sharon not seeing her child, She actually sees him EVERY week!!! Please get your facts straight before commenting on things you do not know!!!
L. Lee Bee December 22, 2012 at 06:04 AM
I agree, I don't think Sewickley Patch comment section is the place for divulging or implying personal information about people that are the subject of articles. That said, not sure what's more ridiculous and pathetic about the last comment: that stealing is no big deal because it's not prostitution; comparing the range of things that most of us "are not proud of" to stealing from countless local businesses (over and over!); or (saving the best for last) the comment that it's the fault of the businesses for being scammed (lol!). By the commenter's way of thinking, if I stole items from their home, guess it would be their fault for not having sophisticated enough security to keep me out, or for having items worth stealing in the first place. As imperfect as we all are to be sure, law abiding people (99.999% of us) couldn't care less why this woman, or anyone else, steals. Either get off the drugs, find a way of paying for them that hurts only them and not others, or (assuming the "paying for drugs" excuse is also just a scam) find another way to put "excitement" in your life. Finally, just because there might be a few worse things out there in the world than scamming and stealing from hard working business owners .... doesn't mean it's not ridiculous to say stealing is ok . The commenter (and apparently those they associate with) needs to raise their standards for what's normal and acceptable .... at least a few pegs-worth .... preferably quite a few pegs.


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