Police Blotter: Crash Reports, Theft and a Suspicious Bridge Musician

Sewickley police also responded to the following recent incidents. Each incident reflects police records and is not an indication of guilt.

were dispatched to the Sewickley Bridge May 24 for a report of a suspicious man .

Police were notified that the man was strumming the guitar while walking across the bridge from the Moon Township side.

When officers arrived at 4:41 p.m., police said the man had made it over to Route 65 and was walking northbound while still playing the guitar.

Police said an officer asked the musician if he was alright and the man smiled and said, “I’m just loving life, buddy.” Officers left the area.

Police were dispatched to the Sewickley Bridge on May 1 for a similar report of a man walking across the bridge playing a guitar. On that date, police arrived and checked both sides of the bridge but didn’t find the man.


Sewickley police also responded to the following incidents.

Theft report

Officers were called May 21 to in Sewickley for a theft report. Police said an unknown person forced open a lock and took about $200.

Suspicious vehicle

Sewickey police on May 20 found a car with its trunk open. Police said the trunk did not appear to be tampered with and was closed to deter wrongdoers.

Driver warned

Police gave a verbal warning to a sport utility driver on May 24 for stopping on Route 65 at 11:35 p.m. to unload a passenger. 

Crash report

No one was injured May 16 after a vehicle crash on Linden Place near Academy Avenue, police reported. 

Police said Jonathan Riddle, 39, of Washington, PA, pulled to the curb on Linden because of heavy traffic to allow oncoming cars to pass. Police said a driver waved for Riddle to proceed and when he pulled out, his car collided with a car driven by Yadavendra Rajawat, 48, of Coraopolis. Rajawat thought Riddle was parking, police said.

Animal reports

Police received a report of a sick or injured raccoon May 20 in the area of Beaver and Peebles streets. Officers checked the area, but did not find any animals.

Police responded May 19 to War Memorial Park for a report of a dead raccoon on one of the trails. Police removed the animal.

Police were also called May 18 for a report of an injured deer to the 400 block of Boundary Street. Officers removed the deer and notified the .

Officers responded May 16 to the train tracks near the Sewickley Bridge for a report of large dog running at large. Police said the dog was gone when officers arrived. 

Two-vehicle crash

Police were called to the 100 block of Walnut Street May 17 for a two-vehicle crash.

Police said Jarrod Czopek, 40, of Freedom, was driving on 65 approaching Walnut Street when he looked away for a second. Police said his car struck another car driven by Silvana Dinardo-Mittiga, 52, of Monaca, that was stopped at the red light.

Disorderly conduct cited

Police cited two men with disorderly conduct after they were found May 18 in a parked car underneath the railroad bridge near Chadwick Street. Police said three males were in the car with the lights on and the trunk open in an area marked “No parking beyond this point.”

Police said the males claimed they were cleaning up after fishing. During a search, police confiscated marijuana and a grinder from the car. Police also found trash at the docks and warned the three to clear their garbage. Police cited Dylan Dunlop, 19, and Ryan Firth, 18, both of Moon Township, with disorderly conduct. Dunlop also received a warning for the parking violation, police said. 


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