Sewickley Police Investigate Scam after Con Artist Bilks Borough Resident

Sewickley Police say someone withdraws more than $1,500 from the victim's bank account after tricking him into twice providing bank account numbers.

A Sewickley resident was bilked out of $1,588 in a telephone scam that tricked him into giving his bank account number, borough police reported.

Sewickley Police received a report Jan. 9 about a scam that involved a telephone call to the victim—who police described as a foreign refugee—from someone claiming his computer was infected by a virus.

Police said the con artist told the victim in October that he would fix his computer but first needed $10 and a bank account number.

The victim gave the information and on Oct. 15, police said $768 was taken from the victim’s bank account without his permission. The victim closed the account and informed the bank of the situation, police said.

Police said the con artist called back to apologize for the mistake and told the victim he needed a new account number to credit the account. The victim gave the new account number and on Nov. 13 someone made two $405 withdrawals.

The victim reported the matter with the help of a member of a church organization in charge of helping foreign refugees. Police advised the victim to hang up and call 911 the next time he receives a suspicious phone call. 

Sewickley Police also responded to these recent incidents.

Trespassing reported

Police caught three teenagers trespassing Jan. 11 on the Sewickley Country Inn property despite posted signs that say "no trespassing."

Police were dispatched to the property  at 4:39 p.m. and began searching the area . Police found three males walking near the swimming pool. The teens told police they were looking for a part to a skateboard they were missing and felt they lost it on the property over the summer.

Police advised the teens if they were caught on the property again, they would be prosecuted.  They were escorted out of the premises.


Loose dog

Police were called Jan. 10 to the 300 block of Frederick Avenue for a report of a dog running loose chasing people. Police spoke to a resident who said his dog was not running free, but had barked at an unknown woman walking by, possibly scaring her.

Michael Dwells February 03, 2013 at 07:43 AM
Any call made about your computer is definitely a scam. Even Microsoft released a statement that they would never call anybody about it. So if you get a call purportedly from them, hang up and report the phone number to http://www.callercenter.com to raise a warning. About time we smarten up against these schemes.


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