State and School Officials Issue Rabies Warning

The state Game Commission removed two raccoons with rabies in Glen Osborne.

Two raccoons with rabies were found in a residential section of , according to the . 

Martha Smith, district spokeswoman, said the Pennsylvania Game Commission removed the raccoons and the district was notified of the incident by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture has recommended that parents be vigilant and warn their children that they should not approach any unfamiliar pet or wild anima, Smith said.

Local police departments have been alerted, according to school officials.

Officials did not say when and where the raccoons were found, and when they were discarded.

According to , an officer was dispatched  Sept. 22 to the 500 block of Osborne Lane for a report of a raccoon in someone's yard.

Police said a homeowner's dog attacked a raccoon and when police arrived, it was laying dead it the yard. The homeowner told police he would take the raccoon to have it checked for rabies.

Police have been dealing with other cases of raccoons in the area too, most recently on Monday when officers responded to a report of a family of raccoons near the in Sewickley.

Allegheny County in August began distributing raccoon bait containing rabies vaccines throughout the area. The vaccine, when consumed by the raccoons, helps them develop antibodies to the rabies virus. Aerial baiting drops in parts of Allegheny County were scheduled to begin Sept. 5.

Officials are advising if someone sees an animal behaving in a way that causes suspicion and concern, to call 911.


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