Aleppo Commissioners Approve Changes to Zoning

Township commissioners voted Monday following another public hearing.

Commissioners in held a  Monday night on proposed zoning changes before taking a vote to approve the new ordinance.

The proposal passed in a 4-0 vote, with Edward Beaman, Joanne Schollaert, Rodney Gartner and Clayton Steup all voting yes. Commissioners President Linda Vescio was absent. 

The hearing involving the comprehensive plan represented the fourth in the township since last year in which . Zoning plans were criticized by some residents who were particularly concerned about a section of land known as near the corner of Weber Road and Glen Mitchell Road.

"As a result of comments we received from members of the community at our hearings, the board sent the plans back to EPD, Environmental Planning & Design -- for revisions," Solicitor Harlan Stone said, referring to the Pittsburgh-based planning firm that has worked with Aleppo to update its zoning.

But on Monday, no one from the public spoke, neither in opposition nor in favor. The commissioners entered into the record a letter from the township planning commission recommending that changes to the mixed-use development be approved.

The site, which is zoned C-1, allows for the conditional use of a residential duplex dwelling, removes some residential properties from the Weber's Corner district and increases the size of a natural protection overlay. 

Changes also allow for allow a mixed use of residential and light commercial retail development. Permitted mixed uses include a convenience store without fuel, a day-care center, a small grocery, a take-out restaurant, and recreational facilities, along with single-family, garden apartments and carriage homes.

Officials could have voted anytime up to 90 days after the conclusion of Monday's hearing, but chose to move on the plan Monday night.

The zoning plan is part of a regional zoning agreement between Sewickley and Glen Osborne.  Sewickley and Glen Osborne have passed ordinances as well. By state law, municipalities must zone for a variety of possible land uses.

Aleppo plans to revisit its zoning ordinance in August, when officials will amend the plan to become compliant with .

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