Aleppo Officials to Vote on Proposed Zoning Changes

Zoning regulations may expand to permit residential as well as commercial and industrial uses of land in the Weber Corner zone.

Aleppo Township Commissioners plan to vote tonight on a proposed zoning ordinance as part of a regional zoning agreement between Sewickley and Glen Osborne.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the township building.

The proposal would change the ordinance as it pertains to the Weber Corner zone and would provided regulations for residential as well as commercial and industrial uses there.

Commissioners discussed the changes at a meeting in December, and a public hearing followed Jan. 16. While the zoning ordinance is much the same as the old one, commissioners said it provides the opportunity for a new commercial district at the corner of Weber and Glen Mitchell roads.

The district would include several small storefront businesses with apartments above them. Aleppo officials collaborated with their counterparts in Sewickley and Glen Osborne to create the new zoning ordinance, which would redefine terms related to development.

A copy of the zoning proposal is available at the township building at 100 North Drive. 


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