Allegheny County Offers Residents Free Help Preparing Their Taxes

The program, the Money in Your Pocket Coalition, provides IRS-certified tax volunteers at 13 sties throughout the county, for families making less than $40,000 a year.

Allegheny County families with incomes up to $40,000 and individuals with incomes up to $20,000 are being offered free help preparing their taxes.

The program, the Money in Your Pocket Coalition, provides IRS-certified tax volunteers at 13 sties throughout the county. The closest location to the North Hills is the Goodwill at Northside Common Ministries at 1601 Brighton Road. 

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, in a statement announcing the launch of the program this year, said he wants to be sure residents receive their full , including the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“The Earned Income Tax Credit was created to assist hard working people struggling to make ends meet, but it is estimated that only 75 percent of those eligible actually apply,” Fitzgerald said.

Last year, the Money In Your Pocket Coalition filed 6,114 tax returns, resulting in $9.7 million in tax refunds, and $3.5 million in EITC funds, according to Bob Nelkin, United Way of Allegheny County President and Chief Professional Officer.

“Our hope for 2012 is to build on, and exceed, our previous success so that every eligible citizen in Allegheny County has access to the free help they need in order to claim their valuable tax refundand tax credits, like EITC, that can put thousands of dollars into their pockets.

That’s money that can be used for basic needs—to put food on the table, pay monthly utility bills, purchase gasoline or bus passes, make rent payments, or eliminate personal debt.”

Since the start of their partnership with the Money in Your Pocket Coalition and the IRS in 2009, United Way of Allegheny County has invested $305,500 in the Free  Campaign and 242 IRS-certified community volunteers have dedicated 11,440 hours to tax preparation services.

The 14,756 tax returns prepared generated $23.7 million in tax refunds for Allegheny County residents, including $9.2 million in earned income tax credits. 


To get help with your taxes: 

Call 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment, or find a location closest to you and the hours available and call that number directly

The Northside location at 1601 Brighton Road will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 1 pm. and every third Saturday of the month until April 16. The appointment number is 412-323-1163      . 

For more information and a complete list of partner sites and locations, visit http://www.pghfreetaxes.org/partnersites.php


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