PA Turnpike Tolls to Increase in January

The PA Turnpike Commission on Tuesday approved a 5 percent toll increase for both E-ZPass and cash customers.

Tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will go up in January.

The PA Turnpike Commission on Tuesday approved a 5 percent toll increase for both E-ZPass and cash customers.

The increase will be effective on Jan. 4, 2015.

The most common toll for a car will go from $1.04 to $1.09 for E-ZPass customers and $1.60 to $1.70 for cash customers, according to figures from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

"Yearly Turnpike toll increases are necessary for the commission to satisfy the financial plan outlined under a transportation-funding law enacted seven years ago," said PA Turnpike CEO Mark Compton.

The 2015 toll increase will be the seventh annual rate increase.

Gilbert R Albright Jr June 17, 2014 at 02:48 PM
The PA Legislature, afraid of a political backlass if they raised taxes to pay for the maintanence of PA roads and bridges, passed a law to require the Turnpike to GIVE the state $500 Million of its revenue each year for road and bridge repair. As a result of the political tax dodge, the Turnpike has to raise its fees regularly, to recoupe the money while the Politicians avoid the wrath of their constituants from a tax increase, leaving the the Turnpike to take all the heat for toll increases.
Ron Simpson June 17, 2014 at 03:57 PM
True but don't forget that in addition to the tax / toll increases the debt has increased as follows: Turnpike financial statistics show the debt ballooned since dipping to $2.18 billion in 2006. It reached $8.7 billion at the end of fiscal year 2013 and will be $9.5 billion when the 2014 fiscal year ends. Read more: http://triblive.com/state/pennsylvania/6073895-74/turnpike-debt-payments#ixzz34vcIJ26d Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook
The Truth June 17, 2014 at 11:04 PM
Just like they do every year...
P2YA June 18, 2014 at 09:46 AM
I thought the Corbett gambit last year that included a schedule of annual gas tax increases was to address transportation. Why is it this raid on the turnpike's revenue to fund Penndot continues? It was an ideal time to install a fix as part of last year's legislation. As others have said or implied, the legislature either lacked the fortitude to add it, or it never occurred to them. Continued toll increases on the turnpike are the result, and it will be (as it has been) an annual thing. Turnpike tolls are a tax in disguise and an unfair one at that. Those who use or are forced to use the turnpike subsidize the expenses of other state roads utilized by all including non-tollpayers not paying their fair share.


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