Rothfus Votes Against Hurricane Sandy Relief

The Sewickley Republican was one of 67 House Republicans to vote against the $9.7 billion in hurricane relief aid while Tim Murphy joined the 354 in support.

In his first legislative act as a new congressman, U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief package.

Rothfus, R-Sewickley, was one of 67 House Republicans to vote Friday against the bill authorizing $9.7 billion in relief. U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Upper St. Clair, whose district includes Edgeworth, Leet Township and  supported the legislation (H.R. 41), which passed the House by a 354-67 margin. 

Rothfus told the Pittsburgh Tribune Review the reason behind his vote, calling it “irresponsible to raise an insolvent program's debt ceiling without making reforms.”

“My problem with the bill is that we are funding offsets for the National Flood Insurance Program,” Rothfus told the Trib.

Friday's vote extends the borrowing authority of the National Flood Insurance Program, which the Federal Emergency Management Agency warned was set to run out of money this week without additional funds from Congress. If the mandatory insurance program went broke, payments on more than 115,000 claims from Sandy would be delayed, the agency said.

The $9.7 billion is the first part of a $60 billion relief package for residents of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut impacted by the late October super storm. The House plans to consider a second relief package to fund long-term rebuilding projects by mid-January.

Do you support the hurricane relief bill? Why or why not?


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Mike January 08, 2013 at 01:32 PM
If god-forbid we suffer a natural disaster does anyone want someone like Keith Rothfus representing us in Washington?
Norm January 08, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Couldn't agree more, It's irresponsible to deny aid to people who who need it, and then suggest the program needs reform, without also outlining a plan to reform. Rothfus won't have the guts to walk down a Staten Island street and say what he's saying.
paul schmidt January 09, 2013 at 02:37 AM
Paul Rep Rothfus now represents Johnstown, PA which had a major flood in 1977 and received a large amount of federal money to recover. We had a Republican Mayor and Democratic Congressman and they both worked together for recovery. I sure hope this guy doesn't have a similar problem and he tries to tell citizens the budget needs reformed and in the mean time people are without heat, homes or jobs.
Havana Juan January 09, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Go Keith! We are like drunken sailors on a Saturday night. Help us STOP spending our kids inheritance!!!


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