Sewickley Awards Tree Removal Contract for Peebles Street

Trees affected by oak wilt will be eliminated and replaced.

awarded a $13,500 contract Tuesday night, moving forward with a tree removal project on Peebles Street.

The contract went to Carl’s Tree Service of West Mifflin, which presented the lowest of four bid offers.

Borough Manager Kevin Flannery said the cost was much lower than the $30,000 to $35,000 pricetag expected for the work.

The project involves the removal of six trees on Peebles Street that are infected with oak wilt rot, a contagious tree disease caused by a fungus that dehydrates trees and eventually kills them. 

Flannery said the roots are basically rotting on the trees, each of which weigh about 80 tons.

“We know there’s a defect. We have to address it,” Flannery said.

Mayor Brian Jeffe asked if the borough has communicated the plans with new homeowners. He said buyers who like the charm of the trees should be informed. 

“I understand they’ve got to go, but if you’re buying, spending that kind of money,” he said.

Flannery said he and Larry Rice, chairman of the Tree Commission, have talked to homeowners about the project. 

Plans are to remove the trees as soon as possible so that the Tree Commission can prepare for replanting in that area, he said.

Sewage Plant Odor? 

Borough officials attempted to clear the air Tuesday regarding the odor emanating from Sewickley’s .

“We’re always going to have a smell at the sewage plant,” Flannery said.

Sewickley Councilman Stan Ference first asked about the plant's odor because he said a resident recently approached him about the smell. Ference said the resident wanted to know when the odor would be eliminated.

Flannery said the goal was always to reduce the odor by 70 to 75 percent, but he said the smell will never completely disappear. 

“It would be literally impossible to make the smell go away," Mayor Brian Jeffe agreed.

Flannery said the borough will continue to monitor the situation.

In other business:

  • Officials announced a  will take place 10 a.m. Saturday at the new Sewickley Sporting Goods store in the 400 block of Beaver Street. The public is invited to attend.
  • Discussed passing a resolution on Monday for the establishment of a tax increment finance committee. The area would include both sides of Broad to Walnut and Thorn to Beaver. The committee would consist of appointed representatives from Sewickley and the t who would work with the county.
  • Discussed the , a production starring Kristen Bell that is currently filming in Sewickley. Flannery said Sewickley is being reimbursed for all expenses associated with the movie. Filmmakers also plan to forward a donation to the borough. Filming will include shots of the railroad tracks and of the Wolcott Park gazebo with the clock tower in the background.


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