Sewickley Council Seeks Retribution For Peebles Street Damage

The seven pin oaks slated for removal on Peebles Street caused damage to the road as they were being removed.


The seven pin oaks were taken down successfully, but not without mishap.

Sewickley Council discussed the blemishes made by Carl’s Tree Service, the contractor who completed the removal, during Monday night’s council meeting.

“They did some damage to the road,” said borough manager Kevin Flannery. “We were a little upset by it because we were over there every day working and talking to them.”

The 110 foot high trees were infected with oak wilt rot, which had rotted the inside of the trees, causing them to die.

Flannery estimates the cost of repairing the road is $3200.

“They put the riggers down probably without having wood underneath them, and the weight made holes in the asphalt,” Flannery said. “Or some tree limbs probably dropped when they were holding them.”

The borough has sent a letter composed by their road engineers to the company, but has not yet received a reply. Flannery said that if the company does not fix the damage, they will not be paid.

Road Project Update

Several road projects around Sewickley are soon to be completed just in time for the upcoming school year.

Nevin Avenue is being updated between Crescent Avenue and Hopkins Street, and will have a new sidewalk, street, and curves. In addition, several new crosswalks have been added all over Sewickley to try and enforce pedestrian safety.

“There won’t be a jaywalking ordinance introduced,” Flannery said. “There is an expense putting in a crosswalk. The crosswalks were designed, they work. People are now going to be reminded to use those crosswalks.”

In Other Business:

  • Council has decided not to hire another full-time police officer, despite the recommendation to hire two full-time officers last year. The borough hired a full-time officer last year, but now no longer has a need for a second officer. “The full-time and part-time we have now is working extremely well,” said Mayor Brian Jeffe. “That is a significant savings in our budget that I had planned for next year.”
  • The Annual Sewickley Harvest Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 8, from 10 AM to 5 PM. There are 132 booths organized. In addition, Nevin Avenue will host their Annual Block Party, and Pizza Roma will host an End of Summer Celebration on the same day.


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