Sewickley Council Tours Treatment Plant

The borough is upgrading its wastewater plant to provide better service to residents and neighboring communities.

Sewickley area residents will soon have a chance to take a tour of a multimillion-dollar borough resource.

The borough is performing upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant, a project that includes installing a new press and processing system that will keep the facilities running efficiently.

Prior to the board meeting Tuesday evening, council members took an early tour of the treatment plant on Ferry and Chadwick streets and got an up-close look at the inner workings. Council members said the tour was informative.

Borough Manager Kevin Flannery said the upgrades were expected to be complete sometime between mid- to late July. An open house for the public will be held in August.

Sewickley maintains its own wastewater facility, which officials said is valuable infrastructure and should be viewed as such. Sewickley has been able to connect to the plant and will soon be picking up service from Township. Sooner or later, Glenfield and Haysville could also tie in.

The treatment plant handles more than 146 million gallons of sewage annually. 

Flannery said the treatment plant would cost $16 million to replicate.

“This is something that’s in everybody’s life every day. It’s an asset, and we want people to see it,” Flannery said.

Check back with Patch for more details on the open house.


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