When is the Deadline to Apply for an Absentee Ballot in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvanians who intend to vote in the upcoming general election by filing absentee ballots must apply by Oct. 30.

Pennsylvania voters who intend to cast absentee ballots in the upcoming general election Nov. 6 must apply to obtain those ballots before 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Absentee ballots are available to registered voters who will be away from their community or cannot vote due to illness or physical disability. In Allegheny County, voters may obtain absentee ballots by visiting or contacting the county elections division, 601 County Office Building, 542 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Eligible voters may also obtain an application by visiting www.votespa.com or calling the elections divions at 412-350-4520. Registered voters are encouraged to request absentee ballot applications as soon as possible.

Those voting by absentee ballot will be required to provide a Pennsylvania driver’s license number, a PennDOT ID number, the last four digits of a Social Security number, or a copy of an acceptable photo ID when applying. An absentee ballot will be mailed to the applicant. 

The completed absentee ballot must be returned to the county elections division no later than 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2.

For fastest results, registered voters may visit the Elections Division and complete an application in person. If properly registered, voters will be handed an absentee ballot to vote on the spot, which takes minutes.


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