Leetsdale Neighborhood Yard Signs Send New Message

School board member Gianni Floro supports message encouraging high school students to take the bus.

School Director Gianni Floro commended Leetsdale Borough for taking active steps toward eliminating issues outside the .

“I am so happy to report that the borough of has taken it upon themselves to assist us in our endeavors in ensuring a safe drop zone to our students,“ Floro reported to the school board Tuesday night.

Floro referred to the Leetsdale police department’s of traffic violations outside the high school during student drop off and pick up.

Patrolman Michael Slawanowski said no tickets were issued on Monday.  did issue a couple of warnings to motorists last week and officers planned to begin ticketing this week.

Homeowners along Beaver Street have protesting speeding and other violations they feel led to conceptual plans from the district to purchase properties and build a bus turnaround, drop-off area and parking lot in the residential area.

Floro praised the new signs residents recently posted, particularly because they encourage parents to put students on the school bus. The signs read: “Take the Bus, Save Our Homes.”

Quaker Valley provides busing to students as a service, but Floro said some parents aren’t taking advantage of the transportation.

“The new signage, I greatly appreciate it,” he said. “I love the signs that urge our parents to put their kids on the bus.”

While police are reporting no tickets have been issued, Floro said he would hope the judicial authorities would enforce any tickets or violations that are issued.

“I would further hope that those judicial authorities would find it to take it upon themselves to be fair,” he added.  


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Jerilyn Scott September 12, 2012 at 11:52 AM
For students who leave school at 2:50 and go straight home, the bus is a great option. However, bus transportation does not work for the majority of students whose afterschool activities include academic extra help, co-curricular clubs, yearbook, newspaper, internships, sports, jobs... I know very few high school students whose day actually ends at 2:50. For all of these kids, driving and/or parent transportation has to be a safe and reasonably convenient option. Pushing bus transportation, while a nice idea, does little to address the real and complex issues of vehicular access to the school.


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