PHOTOS: St. James Concludes Celebration of Catholic Schools Week

The school's week-long celebration culminated with a doughnut social.

The St. James Sewickley Centennial Celebration of Catholic Schools Week concluded on Sunday with a donut social following Sunday's closing Mass.

As the scholarship raffle winners, the Susie family was presented a check by Sr. Christy and Fr. Tom Burke for the amount equal to one year’s tuition at the school.

Last Wednesday, the students celebrated our first priest. Fr. Reid, by making family holy water fonts and learned about the early years of the school by watching a play originally written by Linda Wallace.

Thursday we continued to honor Fr. Reid's beliefs through the day's activities.  For simple faith, biblical herb seeds were planted to be transplanted in the spring and created paper flowers with spiritual words then expressed how those words affected their own lives.  For unusual kindness, they wrote thank you notes to the Sisters of St Joseph and played a compliment game with their fellow students. 

Special thanks to the Berry family who gave us a lasting memorial to our patron saint in the sculpted bust of St. James the Greater.  

And, finally, our donors: Congressman Keith Rothfus, Sewickley Confectionery, Dunkin Donuts, Copeland Funeral Home and Thomas Copeland Pet Cremation Services who all opened their checkbooks and donated their services to make the Centennial Celebration successful and memorable.   Thank you for believing in Catholic education and St. James’ mission.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Information submitted on behalf of St. James Catholic School in Sewickley. 


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