Quaker Valley Middle School Students Win Highest Honors

Students fare well in WordMasters Challenge

students recently won highest honors in the WordMasters Challenge - a national language arts competition entered by approximately 220,000 students annually, according to a statement from the district.

The students competed in the very difficult Gold Division of the Challenge. The sixth graders tied for 10th place in the nation in the year's third meet from 191 school teams competing at this grade level and in this division.

Mary Elena Savocchi, a third-grade student at , won highest honors for year-long achievement.  Mary Elena made only three mistakes in the course of the year's three meets, was one of the five highest-scoring third graders in the entire country in the year-end cumulative standings.

According to the release, four sixth graders won highest honors for individual achievement in the year's final meet including:   Annika Christensen, Aidan DiMeolo, Carl Oelhaf, and Rachel Rock. All four earned perfect scores in the meet. Only 118 sixth graders in the country had perfect scores.

Others who excelled in the final meet included:  third graders -  Phoebe Morrill, Mary Savocchia, and Logan Eger; fourth graders -  Moira Coffman and Eric Oelhaf; fifth graders - Sierra Eger, Geoff Magin, Kyle Torbic, Lucy Hendricks, Abbey McClay, Ross McKee, Olivia McMullan, Bryn Smiley, and Sam Weiner; and sixth graders - Elizabeth Bablak, Caleb Bender, Maddie Cahall, Tilman Cooper, John Corbett, Devon Jones, Ben Kuzma, Cole Luther, Caitlyn McCloskey, Sida Wilson, Bella Kane, Kevin McManus, and Ryan Weich.


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