QV Students Earn Top Honors at Regional Science Fair

Ten middle and high school students earn first place in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition.

Ten Quaker Valley middle and high school students recently earned first place honors in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science regional competition, according to the school district.

The students now have the opportunity to compete in the state competition from May 12 to 14 at Pennsylvania State University.

The regional competition aimed at promoting science took place Feb. 2 at Baldwin-Whitehall High School. Students designed a unique experiment and were judged on their ability to conduct and convey the results of their experiment using the scientific method. Experiments and presentations were critiqued by a panel of judges comprised of science teachers and industry scientists from the Pittsburgh area.

The following students placed first and will compete at the state competition:

  • Clayton Bouchard, 12th grade: “Effects of Broccoli on the Metamorphosis of Butterflies”
  • Beth Fleming, eighth grade:  “Analyzing the Effect of the Rising of Cupcakes”
  • Katie Hughes, 12th grade: “Effects of Nitric Oxide on the Aggression in Crayfish”
  • Tim Lagnese,12th grade: “Impact of File Size on Hard Drive Speed” – the poject also earned a special award from Innovation Works
  • Duff Klaber, eighth grade:  “Effects of Number of Lightbulbs on a Circuit on the Voltage Remaining”
  • Meredith Malcolm, 12th grade: “The Effects of Greywater on Plant Growth”
  • Mericka McCabe, 12th grade: “The Effects of Music on Mood”
  • Josh Szymanski: 12th grade: “Effects of Pheromone Trail Complexity in Termites”
  • Ryan Torbic, eighth grade:  “Analyzing the Effect of Book Genres on the Amount of Pages Read in 5 Minutes”
  • Kelvin Wharton, 12th grade: “Effects of Priming on Reaction Time”

In addition, the following 10 students earned second place honors:

  • Anissa Erkert, eighth grade:  “Effect of Sodium in Water on Choreography Accuracy”
  • Chris MacPherson, 12th grade: “Positive and Negative Effects of Incentives on Student Performance”
  • Jack McGarry, 12th grade: “The Power of the Senses”
  • Cat Michaels, 12th grade: “The Impact of Athleticism on Decision Making”
  • Anna Pawloski, eighth grade:  “How Music With Lyrics Affects Your Dreams While You Sleep”
  • Dante Piccolo, 12th grade: “Study of the Variables Impacting Concussions”
  • Andy Schlosser, 12th grade: “Effect of Aspect Ratio in Smart Phones”
  • Morgan Schuldt, eighth grade:  “Analyzing the Effect of age of a Person on Decibel Level Preference”
  • Bearett Tarris, eighth grade: “Effect of Type of Food on One Mile Run”
  • Christian Tobias, eighth grade:  “Analyzing the Effect of Saltwater on Different Type of Paint”

Information provided by Quaker Valley School District.


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