Robert Morris University Students Vie to be 'Made' into MTV Stars

The long-running MTV reality show 'MADE had a casting call at the Moon university.

Joseph Kapela has never had a girlfriend, but he's hoping MTV soon will change that. 

"I want to get made into a ladies' man," said the 20-year-old, clutching an issue of Sports Illustrated featuring a scantily clad model. "I've never had a girlfriend before, but you know, I'm hoping MTV can give me some help picking up the ladies." 

Kapela, whom his peers recently crowned "Mr. ," auditioned yesterday for the Emmy-winning MTV reality show MADE, a documentary-style series that follows young people as they realize their goals.

The show's producers stopped by RMU's Nicholson Center to interview students about appearing on the show. 

Past MADE stars have morphed before MTV cameras into beauty queens, athletes and musicians, but for Kapela's part, he'd just like to learn a few good pick-up lines — and maybe even land a significant other. 

"Yeah, I'm hoping that they can give me some swag," he said before sitting down with the casting director. 

The show pairs hopefuls with experts who can help them achieve their goals. Past seasons have focused on teens and high school students. Now, producers hope to follow college students as they build confidence and make their dreams reality, said RMU student life director John Locke. 

The show's production team is on a nationwide casting tour but has expressed interest in filming in the Pittsburgh area, Locke said.  The casting call was open only to RMU students. 

Students were given five minutes to tell an MTV casting director why their dreams were MTV-worthy. Each participant looked directly into a tiny camera and said the show's signature line: "I want to be MADE." 

"I watch the show all the time," said RMU junior Stephanie Sims. "I never would have thought that they would have came [to RMU]."

Sims hopes to become a hockey player. Although she's never played before, she said she can rollerblade.  

"I just wanted to do it for fun," the early childhood education major said. "[The casting director] was really laid back." 

Business major Kayla Depuy pitched a decidedly pragmatic dream to the casting director: She'd like to open her own business, a bowling alley, she said. It's been her goal for more than 10 years.  

"It was a little nerve-wracking," Depuy said. "You had to look into the camera and say, 'Hey MTV' and your name. I guess just to see if you're perky." 


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