Helping Emerging Leaders to Prepare

It is our obligation to prepare tomorrow's leaders. How have we been doing so far?

If you've read my earlier posts you already know that I am a man who preaches a consistent message on accountability.  If this is your first go at reading my mind (or, at least, the ramblings of my mind), permit me to set the stage by reviewing my thesis statement: Our cherished culture and collective destinies are seriously threatened by our own refusal to be accountable for what we do.  Put another way, we are increasingly unwilling to "own" the consequences of our actions. 

You don't have to look far to find the evidence that proves my point.  When was the last time you heard a politician, whether blue or red or inbetween, admit that they cast a vote they shouldn't have or backed a controversial idea that turned out to be wrong?  Tell me which professional athlete has lately, regretfully acknowledged their use of steroids?  Guess who is paying attention to all of the grandstanding and posturing?  You're right -- it's our teenagers, our future leaders.

Have we prepared our young adults to be leaders?  As they leave our grasp and head off to college, what valuable life lessons have we been sure to impart?  If "accountability" isn't one of them, I submit that we have failed them and ourselves.  I subscribe wholeheartedly to the maxim that every generation is accountable for preparing their future leaders.

We can fix this (in fact, we're the only ones who can) by committing ourselves to devote as much time teaching our youth why it's more honorable to freely accept ownership of our bad decisions than to find someone else to blame.  This should be our mission.  Together we can change tomorrow and those who will take the lead.  Are you with me?



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